Kreeholo lu Kreemasaleet third person BO3
Wolf Howl
Magazine Size 75 arrows
Maximum Ammunition 75+0
Fire Mode Single-fire
Console codename(s) elemental_bow_wolf_howl


The Kreeholo lu Kreemasaleet (Keeper Servant), also known as Wolf Howl, is one of the four upgraded bows. It fires very similarly to the Wrath of the Ancients, having both a charged and single shot. The single shot will deal damage to and slow down all zombies caught in its blast radius, while its charged shot (which uses two arrows) will cause wolves to leap out of the point of the arrow's impact, dealing damage to and slowing down any zombies in it's path.

How to ObtainEdit

With the Wrath of the Ancients at hand, the player must perform a selection of different tasks:

  1. Locate four paintings around the map; one each in the Bell Tower, next to the barrier directly after exiting Samantha's room, one on the balcony inside the church and one in the Trophy Room near the KRM-262 wall-buy. Activate them in the correct order, a king on his throne, a knight on his horse, a mountain and a knight with arrows in him. which is randomized each match. The player will hear a guitar strum audio cue if it is the right order as well as the dual wolf symbol appearing on the painting. Once all four are done, head into the basement from the church and the wolf symbol on the wall will crumble, revealing the broken arrow.
  2. Head to the rocket pad with the Wrath of the Ancients and shoot down a red flag. A skull will roll down the hill and land for the player to pick up.
  3. Place the skull in the Wolf box in the pyramid area and a spectral wolf will appear. The wolf will head to three spots on the map, digging in these spots. The player will need to reap souls in these areas, then activate the spot in order to move to the next zone.
  4. The wolf will head underground and sit underneath a crack in the wall. The player needs to wall run until two symbols appear above the crack and shoot the Wrath of the Ancients at them until a ledge forms that they can stand on. Due to the angle required for the shot it is best to do this while under the low gravity effect.
  5. Land on the platform and claim the reforged arrow. Take it to the shrine and harvest souls to charge the box. When ready, give the bow to the box, and after a few seconds the upgraded bow will be ready to pick up.