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Perk Times Two
x2 Score
For the power-up in Zombies mode, see Double Points.

x2 Score is a score multiplying Perk in the multiplayer mode Sharpshooter, which is one of the Wager Matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is the final Perk achievable after killing four opponents in one life. x2 Score works like the Sharpshooter round as it doubles the amount of points received when getting a kill. In the Sharpshooter round, the Perk multiplies score for each kill to 400 points or 100 points for a melee kill.


  • On the scoreboard of any Sharpshooter game, there will be a category saying "x2 Score." This indicates how many points and kills the player scored while they had the x2 Score multiplier.
  • It is possible to get x4 Score if the player already has a x2 score Perk in effect during the Sharpshooter round.

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