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For other characters, see Yuri.
Yuri Zavoyski
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops III (mentioned only)
Affiliations Ascension Group
Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Status Unknown
Sex Male
Level Ascension
Zetsubou No Shima (mentioned only)
Gorod Krovi (mentioned only)
"Rockets! He transfers me to work on rockets! These experiments require no finesse, no imagination! My intellect is ill served blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere! ... (sigh) But I can’t fight Gersch over this. I was able to hold onto my keys, (STATIC) some after hours research. No one else really understands what Project Mercury is capable of. Until then, this lab will have to do. Wait... Is that a Matryoshka Doll? Did someone let a child in-? (STATIC)"
— Yuri ranting in one of the hidden radios.

Yuri Zavoyski is a member of the Ascension Group and a character heard on the Ascension radio messages.


Yuri was an assistant to Gersch until he was transferred to launching monkeys into space, due to his alleged delays and setbacks on the Gersch Device. Yuri clearly stated his resentment over the transfer, as he claims his intellect is being wasted on "blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere!" He then finds a diary pertaining to Element 115 in some boxes, which he then experimented with in secret. Possibly due to his experimenting, a child (most likely Samantha) then began to take control of his mind, driving him insane until he broke down, and agreed to something with the child, Yuri then tricks Gersch into activating the completed Device, which sucks Gersch to a black hole. Yuri then laughs in triumph, but then panics as he realizes the consequences, screaming "No!" and "What have I done?!"

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