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Zombies in Spaceland
Zombies in Spaceland Promo
Next level Rave in the Redwoods
Game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Character Andre, Poindexter, Sally, A.J., David Hasselhoff (easter egg)
Team Actors
Place Spaceland Theme Park, United States of America
Date 1980s - 12:30:15
Objective Survive against the limitless waves of the Undead.
Obtain a piece of the Soul Key.
Enemies Zombies, Brutes, Clowns, Alien (Final step on Easter egg only)

"Four aspiring actors arrive to an old rundown theater where they’re invited to watch some old horror movies, they are then unexpectedly transported into the screen – actually becoming characters in those films. Now they must fight to survive an onslaught of deadly zombies before the last reel runs out and their souls are sacrificed forever."
— Synopsis[1]

Zombies in Spaceland is the first Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, released on November 4th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It features a brand new cast of four aspiring actors who audition for a Willard Wyler film. Little did they know that Wyler's methods were a bit, extreme. Wyler's other worldly connections suck the four actors into the film, causing them to be the stars of Zombies in Spaceland. The map features brand new mechanics such as arcades and David Hasselhoff as the park's DJ. The map also contains many classic elements of the Zombies mode such as buildables and many Easter Eggs. The buildables in this map include N31L the robot, the Shredder, the Head-Cutter, the Dischord, the Face Melter and the Seti-Com being important for the easter egg.

Map Overview Edit

Spaceland is a large map, with more open lanes in comparison to previous Zombies maps done by Treyarch, Sledgehammer and Raven. The map is split into five different sections:

Entrance/Junction Edit

The players spawn at the entrance of Spaceland, where a power switch can be located at the back room which powers up the area of the entrance and the Junction area. Players can purchase the Hailstorm or the M1 at the entrance for 500 points per weapon, or buy Up 'N Atoms.

A barricade stands between the entrance and the Junction area. Here, the players can find a Souvenir Token machine, N31L the Robot, as well as a possible spawn location for a SETI-COM part. The Banshee and Oni are also available for purchase. From the Junction, the players can choose to go to either of the three areas: Journey into Space, Triton Mountain, or Kepler System.

Journey into Space Edit

Triton Mountain Edit

Kepler System Edit

Underground Edit

Astroarcade Edit

Polar Peak Edit

Intro Cutscene Transcript Edit

Intro Cutscene Transcript

Willard Wyler can be heard narrating, while the texts "Infinity Ward Presents" and "A Willard Wyler Production" appear on screen.

Wyler: I am Willard Wyler, master of the macabre. For over 40 years, I've directed the most TERRIFYING, VISCERAL, and BLOODY scenes ever committed to film. My contribution to horror is nothing short of genius.

The screen then flashes as lightning strikes the outside of a theater, with the banner displaying "Willard Wyler Presents: Closed Permanently".

Wyler: Before my retirement, people demanded to know my secrets. How did I make it look all so real? Hah! If you really wanna know how the sausage is made in a Willard Wyler picture, the recipe is simple.

A limousine is seen arriving at the theater, dropping off four actors.

Wyler: First, you add actors. Then, you start GRINDING.

The actors enter the theater.

Andre: Hello? Ayy! Anybody here?

Sally: This is the place, right? I feel like we're being set up for some punk-ass reality show.

Poindexter: This is a Willard Wyler production! One time, he held an audition on an abandoned steam ship, and then sunk it, just for effect.

A.J.: Wait, you mean with the actors on it?

Lightning suddenly strikes, prompting Andre to scream in terror.

Andre: Heh, I was, uh... I was just getting into character.

Wyler: Ah-hem.

A sound of creaking is heard, as the actors are all startled. They turn around to find Wyler standing behind them.

Actors: Willard Wyler!?

Wyler raises a hand and greets the actors.

Wyler: You're late... Welcome. You've all been chosen to play a unique role in my return to the big screen. My KILLER comeback.

Lightning strikes as Wyler mentions the word "killer comeback", giving the actors a look of confusion.

Wyler: But I warn you now: my methods tend to be a bit...*chuckles* extreme.

Sally turns over to Andre.

Sally: Is he kidding?

The scene then changes to the cinema room, with the actors sitting at front row and Wyler standing on stage.

Wyler: I expect my actors to give it their all. Their blood, their bodies, everything to the performance. Thus, it is imperative that we set the mood to ensure each and every one of you fully commits to your character.

Wyler snaps his fingers. The screen behind him then lights up, as the sound of a film reel being played is heard.

Wyler: What you're about to become a part of is a culmination of my life's work. The crowning achievement of my career. The first scene is set in the 1980's. I call it... "Zombies in Spaceland".

Wyler then steps out of the cinema room.

Wyler: Hang on to your seats!

Wyler laughs maniacally as he closes the doors upon exiting. Sally looks over to Andre once more.

Sally: He is so not kidding.

Wyler enters the projector room, where a purple glowing ritual circle can be seen on the floor, with photographs of the four actors at the center. Wyler then uses a ritual knife and cuts his hand, dropping blood onto the photographs. Lightning strikes again as down in the cinema room, the four actors try to hold onto their seats as they get sucked into the screen.

A.J.: You still say this is all for effects!?

Poindexter: Forget what I said!!

Sally: I say: get me the hell out of here!!

Andre: Can't... hold... on!!

The four actors are then sucked into the film. The screen changes to inside the film, at the Spaceland theme park. All four actors find themselves wearing 1980's clothing.

A.J.: What's with the Letterman jacket?

Andre: And the bling!

Poindexter: It appears our wardrobes reflect the parts that we are auditioning for. And clearly... *sighs* I'm the nerd.

Sally: Ugh, you've got to be kidding me.

Suddenly, zombies begin to appear before the actors. While initially confused, the actors then pull out guns as they begin to take on the zombies. A.J. is seen shooting several zombies in the head with his Kendall 44.

A.J.: He shoots... he scores!

A zombie attempts to attack Sally from the back, but she maneuvers around it and stabs it in the head with a set of spoons. She then waves her hand to shake off the blood.

Sally: Ugh, yuck. Gag me.

Poindexter shoots at a group of zombies off-screen with a Volk assault rifle.

Poindexter: Totally epic!

Blood then spatters all over the screen as the view switches to Andre, who mows down a crowd of zombies with his dual-wield MacTav-45's.

Andre: Woo! Now that's how we drop the mic, ye!

The four actors then stand by the Spaceland map sign, surrounded by piles of zombie corpses. The map title, "Zombies in Spaceland" then appear on screen.

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